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A rational attempt to understand a country that moves between ghosts, narcos and aliens.

Written and illustrated
by Maielin van Eilum

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The Mayan script was a labyrinth for linguists. Again and again a researcher would announce that they had found the key, only to reach a dead end. This went on for 421 years. You had to deal with about 800 hieroglyphs. Too many for an alphabet, too few for one symbol for each word... 


Written and illustrated

by Maielin van Eilum

Reporters of the jungle_Maielin_van_Eilu
Adventure comes with adrenaline, once addicted to it I always ended up in unforeseen problems. Like at night in one of the most dangerous slums in Africa.

Written and illustrated
by Maielin van Eilum
Sylvester Stallone_Maielin van Eilum_Helge Timmeberg-allone Kopie.png

I guess when I asked my best friend if there was any danger that wasn't threatened in his country, he giggled and couldn't think of any. Anything can happen in Mexico in terms of indiscriminate violence, predators, and natural disasters. But the Mexicans walk around a lot very elegantly, they have to be copied (...) read more

Cocktail of the year

Raspberry – Mojito

Verbrechen am Malecon_Helge Timmerberg_M

Illustrator and Art Director MAIELIN VAN EILUM

Fidel Castro_Helge Timmerberg_Maielin va

There were already critical voices back then; they had recognized that the world is a turtle.

The Maya believed the world was a jungle-covered crocodile.

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