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Celebration of

Religious Freedom

ROMED Deutschland e.V.

Director | Cinematographer

Film Editor | Visual Effects

Motion Graphic

45 min | Belgrad | 2019

I am developing a campaign for ROMED Deutschland e.V. that is already evoking strong emotions, even though it has only been active for a couple of days. When I showed Dzoni Sichelschmidt this 4-minute summary of his celebration, he was breathless; he couldn't express his feelings in words. One of my relatives began to cry. The Roma reacted euphorically.

I was told that participants in a nationwide continuing education course, Competence Against Roma Discrimination (KoGA), did not stop clapping. The Roma issue should be handled in the same way. 


For me this is strange; the movie simply shows „a celebration“ how I experienced it as a non-Roma and knowing no one. ​

It reminds me of the sixties, when Germans were afraid of Italians; today they stand for elegant fashion and good food.

Currently, I'm concerning myself with the Roma. Let's see what can be learned from them.

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